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What is a volunteer expected to do?

Depending on their time, availability and interest, volunteers will be expected to sign up for one of our activities/ initiatives and work with the project coordinator leading the effort. Volunteers will be expected to be sincere about their time and work commitments and would be expected to regularly update their Project Coordinators on progress. Volunteers who offer to lead Projects will take on the role of Project Coordinators. Project Coordinators will be selected by Indore-PAC based on their interest levels, time availability, enthusiasm and prior experience.

What are some of your activities? How much time is needed from each volunteer etc for those activities?

Please have a look at the small sub-set of activities we have selected from our on-going initiatives. Note these as the maximum time commitment (estimated) for each of this activity)

  1. Encouraging reporting of civic development deficiency in your area, ward, mohalla, neighborhood: 1-2 hours per week (www.ichangemycity.com)
  2. Reporting on cases of bribe-giving and encouraging neighbors, friends and family to do so too: 1-2 hours per week (www.ipaidabribe.com)
  3. Leading a neighborhood cleanliness drive: 3-4 hours per week
  4. Assistance with the Market Research project to understand voter perceptions about and prospects for non-mainstream/Independent candidates in Indore and surrounding areas: 4-8 hours per week
  5. Volunteer to be your “College Ambassador” for Indore-PAC and lead the volunteers from your college as well as coordinate various activities: 8-16 hours per week
  6. Volunteer for work at Indore-PAC office on various, on-going initiatives: 4-16 hours per week


What benefits would the volunteer get – certificate, stipend, credits for his work, recommendation letter?

We will be very happy to issue recommendation letters and provide reference for all the activities that you have been involved with.

Can it be a summer internship of some sorts?

Yes, we will be happy to have you come on-board as a Summer Intern. However, given our limited resources at present, we are unable to offer you any stipend or cover any costs that you may incur while volunteering with the various activities (note that most activities will involve very limited monetary costs, if any)

Would we provide the volunteer an office space if s/he wants to do that?

We will provide office space if you are volunteering for our office activities. Almost all the remaining activities are in the nature of field-work and will not require any specific place of work.

How would it help her/him in her/his further employment? Can we help her/him in placement?

Although any volunteering activity or internship with us will not directly help you get a job or placement, it will most certainly give you a very strong – and compelling – edge over your peers and other students. The fact that you have been engaged in an activity that has a very significant civic and development dimension and the fact that such volunteering was not paid (nor were the incurred expenses) is sure to be viewed positively and encouragingly by most employers and companies. In addition the letter of commendation and reference that you will receive from us will demonstrate your commitment, passion for volunteering and an all-round personality.

How will the volunteer gain in terms of her/his overall development?

Volunteering for Indore-PAC will directly help in your overall development. It will make you more responsible, will provide you with an excellent experience and a unique perspective on developmental issues as well as policy and governance matters. It will enhance your social skills, besides providing you with knowledge and experience that will help directly in your professional career.

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