Voter Survey

सर्वेक्षण  – Key Findings from इंदौर-PAC’s Voter Survey

 After our very successful initiatives, “Ideas for Indore!” and शुद्ध – the water quality testing campaign, इंदौर-PAC is pleased to announce key findings from its novel voter survey aimed at first-time voters in Indore. This survey was carried out in Hindi as well as English and was made available online too. Printed copies of the survey (in Hindi and English) were distributed at various institutes by team members of इंदौर-PAC over a period of 3 weeks. The survey received a tremendous response thanks to support extended by our partner organisations including Young Indians! and several others. As of today, we have collected close to 3000 responses (offline and online combined)!

 Key findings and highlights of the survey are included below:

  • 78% of first-time voters said they would vote in the coming assembly elections
  • Corruption and increase in prices were the top 2 concerns of youngsters and first-time voters, followed by unemployment
  • Almost 20% of those surveyed mentioned they would vote for a “fresh” face at the elections
  • Unplanned construction was cited as the single biggest problem in their locality by the respondents, followed by increase in traffic levels and (proliferation of) liquor/pan & gutka shops
  • Just over half the respondents mentioned that the condition of their locality had improved  a bit in the last five years
  • On the matter of public safety, 28% of female respondents said when they go out for a walk in their area, they do not feel safe at all; 41% said they only feel safe if they have some company with them.



Further analysis of the data is underway and details will be published on our websitehttp://indore-pac.in/ and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IndorePAC in due course.


इंदौर-PAC is a novel initiative aimed at strengthening citizen participation in the governance & development of Indore. The इंदौर-PAC team is committed to improving the quality of life for all residents of Indore through promoting and engaging in good governance. The objectives of the group focus on enhancing the image of Indore by leveraging citizen participation in various walks of life like enforcing the rule of law, maintaining cleanliness, being politically active via voter registration campaigns, fighting corruption, to name a few. We intend to make इंदौर-PAC a successful model of how voters and citizens can interact, work with and collaborate with local government & elected representatives to come up with solutions to a range of developmental challenges, be it public transport, water, roads or deficiencies in civic development of specific localities.

 इंदौर-PAC is always keen to engage with committed citizens and volunteers. You can help and do your bit for the city by getting involved in one of our projects. Please contact us via SMS +919826107094 or email volunteer@indore-pac.in. More at our website http://www.indore-pac.in

सर्वेक्षण  – The Voter Survey has now completed its first phase. 
In accordance with existing directives & guidelines, we shall not publish any further data or analysis on this phase until after the completion of Assembly elections in India and the announcement of their results. 
Phase II of सर्वेक्षण  – The Voter Survey will begin in January 2014!

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