Voter Awareness Drive

Indore-PAC will shortly be launching an exercise to equip voters with knowledge and awareness about the duties and responsibilities of their elected representatives.

Although we intend to include all elected representatives in this exercise eventually, we shall begin with educating citizens and voters about the responsibilities of their MLAs.

This initiative will involve eliciting information via surveys and questionnaires from citizens & voters on their expectations from their elected representatives and what they believe their role should be.

We hope to collate and feed this information and results to the various political formations so that they are better aligned with expectations and hopes of a new generation of voters.

A healthy democracy stems from every citizen exercising his/her right to vote with adequate knowledge and discretion. Indore-PAC aims to promote a healthy dialogue between the citizens and their representatives by serving as an effective bridge between the two.

If you want to volunteer for any of the activities please fill your details over here