Prayas – Preserving Precious Lives

Every year 1.4Lakh people die on Indian roads. Of all the deaths on the road in the world, India’s share is >10%. This loss of precious lives is incalculable. A significant number among the victims are young men and women. The loss is not just confined to life but to an entire dream or possibility which they would have fulfilled as grown-ups. A still larger, probably less identified and talked about number is of the people who survive the injury but live a compromised life due to injuries to brain and spinal cord. As we understand, brain is the most evolved and delicate part of human evolution. Any damage to it leaves lasting impact.
As our next initiative, इंदौर-PAC is launching “प्रयास – Preserving Precious Lives” – an awareness campaign against the loss of precious lives. The campaign would invite citizen participation in reducing the number of road accidents and deaths. A part of this campaign would also involve working with the transport department and educational institutions – encouraging students and youngsters to suggest practical ideas to improve public transport system in Indore.
We would like to seek your help and support to reach out to the students and sensitize them towards the importance of following traffic rules and traffic discipline. We would like to make them aware of how trivial mistakes, casual attitude and disregard to traffic rules can result in injury and even death, permanently ruining someone’s promising future.
For further details and to help us in this campaign, pl get in touch with our project leaders, Dr Pranav (78699 17327) and Yeshwant (78986 22813).
Additional details will be shared on this page soon!
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